David and I love travelling the world in search of new, unique experiences. We’ve stayed in some of the best hotels all over the globe (looking at you especially, Nungwi) but Casa Legado in Bogota has to be one of the most incredible hotel experiences out there. Period.

We were invited to breakfast at the hotel by Helena, the owner of Casa Legado. She gave us a tour of her beautiful hotel and explained the concept behind it, which left both David and I in awe.

Casa Legado is a boutique hotel, however I use the word hotel very lightly, as really, its not like a hotel at all. “I want people to come here and feel like they are in my home” explained Helena, and she has definitely achieved that goal. Casa Legado only opened in January 2018, and it is one of the most expensive hotels in Bogota with rooms starting from $300 USD per night. The only hotel in the same range is Four Seasons, and although these two hotels are in the same price bracket, they couldn’t offer more different experiences.


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