Casa Legado

Casa Legado

Family Hotel

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Past, present and future generations have a lot to teach us. We wanted to merge them all together in our family hotel and create a ONE-OF-A-KIND experience that reveals the immense pride and privilege of our loving family and our happy life. Let’s remember that slowing down and taking a minute to make someone happy can make a BIG difference. For us, people will always come first and those memories lasts forever, so smile and be happy, you deserve it!

Socially committed

123x mí

Building- a Colombia filled with laughter and smiles will always be part of our mission. Meet the people who bring communities together around happiness and childhood.

Eugenio & Friends

Meet Eugenio

Say Hello to our most important & loving host, Eugenio! Come-on in, and enjoy Eugenio waging his tail with excitement for your arrival. His sweet smile and his love for every new friend that comes our way will complement your stay and leave you with some dog love to take home.

Meet the Art

Talent, creativity and vision fill our house with colors and shapes. Be sure to ask for our secret ever-changing art collection. Here are our local artists.

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Meet the dreamers

Here is our best-kept secret; our Team and Family. Take a minute or two to get to know them, you never know, you might be fascinated with their stories and authentic background. Let’s build our history together remembering that people are important and that every second counts, because love and gratitude make the little things, bigger and better. We appreciate your wish and effort to make our world one that we can be proud of.

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Everything about our boutique hotel.

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