Casa Legado

Casa Legado

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Meet Helena & Our Hosts

Leave your itinerary in our hands. Your local friends that guide you and look after you like family; getting to know you genuinely so you can have all the right recommendations for your very own unparalleled experience.

“Being a host is taking care of our guests with love. No love, no magic.”

Our Favorites


•La Candelaria •Graffiti Tour •Catedral de Sal


•Prudencia •MiniMal •Abasto •Andres Carne de Rez

Night life

•El Ghetto Bar •Theatron •El Mono Bandido

Our Host Eugenio

Say Hello to our most important & loving host, Eugenio! Come-on in, and enjoy Eugenio waging his tail with excitement for your arrival. His sweet smile and his love for every new friend that comes our way will complement your stay and leave you with some dog love to take home.

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