This hotel was just the best hotel I have ever stayed at. It is beautifully designed, super stylish and clean. It’s in a fantastic area of Bogota (Chapinero) and close to Zona Rosa loads of restaurants and bars to walk to.
The staff were incredibly helpful, the most helpful I’ve ever seen at any hotel. They suggested restaurants (Prudencia in la candeleria) and suggested the finca we ended up flying back to Bogota to do (la Palma y el tucan) and a functioning prison restaurant in Cartegena (restaurante interno) and called to make all the reservations for us. They even continued to help us with all our reservations even after we left Bogota – over WhatsApp.

I want to particularly call out Helena who is the main owner and Ana Maria they were just the most amazing and helpful. Just genuinely wanted us to have a good time even after we left their hotel.

Hands down stay at this place it’s the best and you will never find a place like it. They even operate an open kitchen policy so if you want a snack you can help yourself.


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