In the heart of Quinta Camacho, one of Bogotá’s premium neighbourhoods, is Hotel Casa Legado; surrounded by restaurants, cafes, galleries and shops, this home-from-home hotel is a place where the experience of travelling is centred on enjoying every second of every day. The space feels unlike any other, magically combining beautiful and meaningful design with family treasures. Casa Legado’s signature customer service always looks to take care of guests with love and generosity in a very personalised way.

These two mid-century houses are blended together with a style that honours their history. Each of the 13 rooms is inspired by a member of the owner’s family. Impeccable design and thoughtful details run throughout the house, including the interior gardens, an ivy-draped courtyard and nine living areas, complete with a fireplace and library.

Just like at home, the dining room areas are open 24 hours a day for self-catering from the open kitchen, so guests can snack on healthy comfort food, including fruits and some of Colombia’s best farm produce. The hotel offers tours and personalised city activities, as well as in-house activities, such as film screenings in the garden, picnics, afternoon tea, or pizza and raclette night. Happy hour is a time for guests to spend with family and friends before they go out to savour Bogotá’s wonderful restaurant scene. The wellness studio provides a relaxing space for massages and beauty treatments, which are also offered privately in the rooms.

Casa Legado wants visitors to have a true local experience, and it offers day or overnight trips to its villas outside of the city. The Manqué is a cottage in the mountains and La Ramada a colonial hacienda dating back to 1730 owned by the family for generations — both additional experiences that can only be enjoyed if staying at the property.In an era of ever-changing technology and a world that’s forgotten the importance of time and people, the experience of travelling is in big need of a change. The contemporary traveller needs to be inspired with more than just a reliable experience — he or she should become part of a story. At Casa Legado, the focus is on slowing down and taking a minute to make people happy.

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