Casa Legado is our new home in Bogotá. The Valentina room was perfect for our family of three, the breakfasts were delicious, the open kitchen a treat, and the design in every corner was something right out of Domino or Wallpaper magazine.

What really sets Casa Legado apart however is the hospitality – ever present without being intrusive, warm and tailored to the needs we had as well as the needs we did not even know we had. The owner, Helena is a delight, full of passion and love for every guest. Even with only seven rooms there is a sense of privacy and comfort. Even our almost 6 year old was ready to move in.

The location, in Quinta Camacho is a perfect base for exploring everywhere from La Candelaría to Usaquén and everything in between.

This is a luxurious place but not a big chain hotel, so leave those expectations at the door. The rooms are quiet but not soundproof, the bathrooms adorable but not spacious. Nevertheless, I’d trade the expected for the surprising: the hot water bottle placed under the sumptuous sheets to wam the bed, the well stocked honor bar, the wood burning fireplace, the handwritten notes upon arrival and departure.

We will be back.

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